Why I switched from Evernote to Mammoth

This is a very simple question: Because it’s much more simple and easier to use!

I started years ago using Evernote as a tool to keep things „in mind“, to have a kind of an extended brain, things you want to collect and have access to them if you need them. As Evernote started it was simple and easy to use. A few features which made my daily work much easier. One really cool thing I loved was the so called „web clipper“. An extension for the browser to grab some parts or the entire website with a link to a note in evernote. A very quick way to collect informations from the internet.

But then they started adding features, and features, a lot of features, re-designing, and again features with again a new design and so on. This ended up with a totally unusable interface and a way too complicated web clipper. Every time I tried to find something in Evernote I got lost.

Then I spotted Mammoth, a new web based service for collecting informations, sharing and collaborating. It’s very simple, clean design (which I really love, because you don’t get lost!) and easy to use. Exactly what I needed.

So I started using Mammoth every day to give it a try and check out, if I can use it for my daily work. After a while I recognized that I didn’t use Evernote anymore. Only for transferring notes from Evernote to Mammoth ;)

This was about one year ago. Today Mammoth is one of my daily working tools. I deinstalled Evernote a couple of month ago and I tell you what – I don’t miss it!

I love the simplicity of Mammoth, very easy way to collaborate with other people in a project, upload files and even share informations with everyone via public boards. There’s an iPhone App and a simple to use web clipper. Everything I need for my daily work.

Check out my public boards in on my profile page on Mammoth.

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  1. Achim,

    Mammoth is not an Evernote replacement, which is a place for private notes. It’s a replacement for tumblr, blogspot . . .
    Nonetheless, your marketing pulled me in

    1. Hi Re
      interesting point of view – replacement for tumblr or blogspot… Hm, not sure you got it how it works ;) Mammoth is absolutely a place for private notes. Think 90% of my notes are private.

      But very cool idea to use it as a blog. Have to think about that ;)

      And welcome to Mammoth. Hope you get used to it.


      1. Thank you for this article. I’m a heavy user of Evernote. After your blog, I decided to give Mammoth a try. I signed up, installed Android app, but can’t seem to find my way around. I do see some cool collaborative features, but I can’t really see how it is better than Evernote. Can you please elaborate?

        1. Hi Ramesh,

          ok, I’m using an iPhone, so I don’t know, how exactly the Android App ist working. Should be the same, as the iPhone app. To be honest to you, I’m using Mammoth mostly on my Laptop! The iPhone app is normally only to look up things. Sometimes to save things to board.

          So most of the time I’m using the web interface via Chrome. There you get a web clipper, which is way better than the Evernote web clipper. So collecting informations from the internet is much easier and faster than in Evernote. In Mammoth you can do everything with drag’n’drop from any website. That’s awesome.

          Also finding things is much easier. The interface is clean and I find in seconds my relevant informations.

          Organising informations is much better than in Evernote. Because you can use HTML in your boards, you can embed images from any website or upload them.

          Everything is stored in the cloud and not on my hard drive. Some people don’t like this, I do ;) Because my HD on my MacBook is limited with space and I wanna you this for my photos.

          So, that’s the way I use it. Hope it’s a bit clearer now. If not, keep asking…


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